PASREG 2010 - Processing and Applications of Superconducting (RE)BCO Large Grain Materials

WHEN: July 29 – 31, 2010
WHERE: Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, D.C., USA


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Workshop Presentations:

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The schedule will consist of invited, keynote, and oral and poster presentations, and will focus on dialog between materials scientists, engineers, and end users.

Registration will begin on 7/29/2010 at 8:00 a.m. in the foyer outside the Diplomat Ballroom. The Workshop will begin at 2:00 p.m.

Sessions will continue through 7/30/2010 and conclude at 1:00 p.m. on 7/31/2010.

Thursday July 29, 2010

2:00 pm — Welcome by PASREG Co-Chairs

Innovative Applications

2:10 pm — Bernhard Holzapfel
SupraTrans- a Pilot Superconducting Levitation System for Transportation

2:40 pm — Yuuki Arai
Levitation Properties of Superconducting Magnetic Bearing Using Superconducting Coils and Bulk Superconductors

3:05 pm — Naoki Koshizuka
The Superconducting Magnetic Bearings and Magnetic Clutches for Flywheel Energy Storage

3:30 pm — John R. Hull
Concepts for Using Trapped-Flux Bulk HTS in Motors and Generators

3:55 pm — Frank N. Werfel
Large-Scale HTS Bulks for Magnetic Application

4:20 pm — Coffee Break

4:35 pm — Wenjiang Yang
Dynamic Analysis of a Potential HTS Levitation Device Applied to Testing Instruments for Controlling Simulation of Space Satellites

5:00 pm — Leslie Bromberg
Stellarator Configuration Improvement Using High Temperature Superconducting Monoliths

5:20 pm — Mark O. Rikel
Melt-Cast Bi-HTS for Fault Current Limiting Devices

5:45 pm — George Crabtree
Transforming the Grid with Superconductivity

6:30 pm — Light Wine & Beer Reception

Friday July 30, 2010

7:30 am — Continental Breakfast

Innovative Applications & Processing

8:00 am — Mitsuru Izumi
Materials Process and Machine Application of Bulk HTS

8:30 am — Atikorn Wongsatanawarid
Multi-domain Bulk Y-Ba-Cu-O with Artificial Holes for Non-Contact Torque Transfer Applications

8:50 am — N. Hari Babu
Process Developments in Bulk (RE)BCO Bulk Superconductors

9:15 am — Kazumasa Iida
Cost-Effective Processing: Recycling of Large Single Grain Gd-Ba-Cu-O/Ag Bulk Superconductors

9:40 am — Miryala Muralidhar
Novel Seed Applicable for Mass Processing of LRE-123 Single Grain Bulks

10:05 am — Masaru Tomita
Development of Compact, Lightweight, Movable Permanent Magnet System Based on High Temperature Bulk Superconductors

Poster & Discussion

10:25 am Poster Session during Coffee Break

Benoit Vanderheyden
Improving the Performance of Trapped Field Magnets Made of Drilled Bulk High-Temperture Superconductors by Filling the Holes with a Soft Ferromagnetic Material

Jacques G. Noudem/Tatiana Prikna
Development of Textured YBaCuO Bulk with Artificially Patterned Walls & High-Pressure Oxygenation of MT-YBCO

Leslie Bromberg
Hyperconducting Joints Using HTS Powders

Jean-Francois Fagnard
Study of the Magnetic Shielding Performance in Relation to the E(J) Characteristics of Melt Cast Bi-2212 Tubes under DC Axial Magnetic Fields

Tetsuo Oka
Novel Magnetizing Method for Permanent Magnet Using Static Magnetic Field Generated by HTS Bulk Magnet

Zhihan Xu
Non-Destructive Measurement of Critical Currents and E-J Characteristics in Cylindrical (RE)BCO Bulk Superconductors

11:30 am — Discussion: Posters

12:30 pm — Lunch

Processing & Optimization

1:50 pm — Hiroshi Ikuta
Growth of Melt-Textured (LRE)-Ba-Cu-O by Cold Seeding Using Sm123 Thin Film as Seed Crystal

2:15 pm — Wanmin Yang
Fabrication of Single Domain GdBCO Bulks with Different New Kind of Liquid Sources by TSIG Technique

2:35 pm — Pavel Diko
Influence of Post-growth Thermal Treatments on Critical Current Density of TSMG YBCO Bulk Superconductors

3:00 pm — Coffee Break

3:15 pm — Yunhua Shi
Recycling of GdBCO-Ag Single Grain Bulk Superconductors

3:35 pm — Hironori Seki
Effects of Reinforcement with Fe-Mn-Si Shape Memory Alloy Ring on Mechanical and Magnetic Properties of Bulk Y-Ba-Cu-O Superconductors

Characterization & Pinning

3:55 pm — Ravi Sawh
Enhancement of Critical Current in Large Grain YBCO Superconductor with Nanometer-Sized Dopants

4:20 pm — Ingann Chen
Control of Pinning Mechanism in Single Domain YBCO Bulk by Morphology Controlled ZnO Dopant

4:40 pm — Xin Yao
Superheating Property of REBCO Thin Films and its Application for Cold-Seeding in MT Growth

5:00 pm — Keita Tsuzuki
Improvement of Flux Trapping in Gd-Ba-Cu-O Bulk Using Magnetic Particle

5:20 pm — Timothy A. Coombs
Magnetisation of (Re)BCO Bulks by the Flux Pumping Method

5:40 pm — Roy Weinstein / Ravi Sawh
Measurements of Flux Pumping Activation of Trapped Field Magnets

Saturday July 31, 2010

Characterization & Pinning-cont.

7:30 am — Continental Breakfast

8:00 am — Tetsuo Oka
Novel Magnetizing Method for Permanent Magnet Using Static Magnetic Field Generated by HTS Bulk Magnet

8:20 am — Philippe Vanderbemden
Magneto-Thermal Phenomena in Bulk Melt-Processed (RE)BCO Superconductors Subjected to Large Alternating Magnetic Fields

8:45 am — James K. Meen
Wavelength-Dispersive Spectrometry Analysis of YBCO


9:05 am — Sang-Im Yoo
Enhanced Flux Pinning of SPS-Processed MgB2 Bulk Superconductors

9:35 am — Tetiana Prikhna
MgB2-Based Materials Synthesized Under High-Pressure

9:55 am — Anup Patel
New Fully Superconducting Hybrid Bearing Concept Using the Difference in Irreversibility Field of Two Superconducting Components

10:15 am — Coffee Break

10:30 am — Round Table, Road Mapping

12:00 N — Summaries/Conclusions

1:00 pm — End of Workshop

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