PASREG 2010 - Processing and Applications of Superconducting (RE)BCO Large Grain Materials

WHEN: July 29 – 31, 2010
WHERE: Omni Shoreham Hotel
Washington, D.C., USA


Program Book

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Workshop Presentations:

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The PASAREG 2010 Workshop will cover important processing and characterization aspects of bulk High Temperature Superconductors (HTS), innovative applications that utilize bulk HTS materials, and recent developments in the field. The program will consist of invited, keynote, and oral and poster presentations, and will focus on dialog between materials scientists, engineers, and end users.

Topics will include:
  • Innovative applications of bulk HTS, e.g., (RE)BCO, Bi-HTS, of MgB2 and others
  • Processing of bulk HTS
  • Characterization of bulk HTS
  • Optimization of critical currents, flux pinning, grain size, strength of materials, etc.
  • New materials: MgB2 and others
Applications topics will include:
  • Trapped field magnets
  • Flywheel storage
  • Levitation
  • Magnetic separation
  • Motors and generators
  • Fault current limiters

Applications will be highlighted, and will provide the basis for discussion of state-of-the-art processing and characterization technologies of bulk HTS as well as optimization of their properties to meet systems specifications.

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